Review: MacTarnahan’s Winter Humbug’r Ale

Author: Jason Harris
December 19, 2011

MacTarnahan’s is one of Portland’s oldest breweries and has long been popular amongst local beer lovers. Today’s trip in the Winter Ale review train takes us to MacTarnahan’s brewery as we try Mactarnahan’s Humbug’r Ale. I bought this beer and enjoyed it out of the bottle, which came in a tall 22 oz bottle.

This beer, like some of the other ales I’ve been reviewing as of late, is completely dark – you cannot see through this beer at all. It’s heavy in malts and has a roasted flavor according to the website. This beer uses four malts including caramel, Black Roast, Wheat and Oats and the hops are comprised of Northern Brewer and Willamette. This beer is available from September through December and weights in at 5.3% ABV.

This beer is very dark and smells of chocolate and bit of coffee. It has a very black color and a bubbly head. At first sip, the heavily roasted malts comes through heavily. This is a very, very malty beer that almost tastes like black chalk. Unlike Black Butte Porter, which is very smooth and silky, Humbug’r is chalky and dry.

The taste can be described as a mix of roasted dark malt, coffee and some metallic taste. A roasty bitterniess sticks around during and between sips.

If you’re a fan of heavy dark porters, Humbg’r will suit you, however, I cannot recommend this ale.


Review: Pelican Brewing Tsunami Stout

Author: Jason Harris
November 18, 2010

I love flavorful beers.  This is probably why I’m such a fan of IPAs, which are known for being extremely hoppy and bitter.  It wasn’t until recently that I stated liking the really dark beers, such as those similar to Pelican Brewing’s Tsunami Stout.

Stout is amongst the strongest beers both in flavor, presence and alcohol content.  Typically thiis ale type, along with porter, are considered winter beers because of their heavy nature.  Stout, particular, is an interesting creature.  It is as black as night and one cannot see through it at all.

Tsunami Stout is no exception, this brew is black through and through with a dense creamy head.  This beer has a soft scent that prepares you for a rich flavor.

Is Tsunami Stout think and hard to drink?  Hardly, don’t let the appearance fool you.  This beer does have a full body but it is well balanced and does not leave you with a rock gut feeling.  This stout is a rich mixture of barley and malt that leaves you wanting a second pint immediately.

If you are looking to start checking out dark beers, Tsunami Stout joins Black Butte Porter as must haves, especially with the holiday season approaching.

How To Pour a Perfect Guinness

Author: Jason Harris
September 24, 2009

Love Guinness, but are unsure what steps it takes to pour a perfect pint of the favorite Irish Stout? Follow these tips from Men’s Fitness magazine:

  1. Start with a clean, dry 20 oz Imperial pint class
  2. Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle and never allow the spout to touch the class
  3. Pull faucet, allowing the beer to fill the class.
  4. Allow for the nitrogen bubbles to surge, creating that perfect creamy head.
  5. Once the beer has settled (distinct gap between dark liquid and head), the glass is topped up slowly to create a domed effect on the head
  6. Give this creation of the perfect pint to an adoring customer

Now you know! Happy pouring!