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Review: 10 Barrel s1nist0r Black Ale

Author: Jason Harris
November 26, 2011

10 Barrel Brewing, located in Bend, Oregon, is one of my favorite breweries. I’m lucky to have regular access to their pub house over on Galveston Street on the west side of Bend. It’s a lively pub house that has an outdoor fireplace and a fine selction of the locally crafted ales. The brewers love making beer and you can tell when you take a sip of one of their ales.

Now that the winter season is approaching, I’m have a pattern of loving dark flavorful beers that come out this season. Today’s review takes us over to 10 Barrel to sample their S1most0r Dark Ale. This dark ale, at first glance, looks like it would be heavy and too strong in flavorful to be fully enjoyed.

However, I asked the brewer who poured my pint what sets S1most0r apart, and he referenced the de-husked german malt that is used. Being de-husked, it takes away the astringency and presents a strong flavor up front and a smooth after-taste on the back end.

At first sip, this ale is not strong in flavor – it’s more medium bodied with a subtle hint of chocolate. This beer is very balanced with a medium strong foretaste and a very smooth and subtle aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. S1most0r ale has a very light head and smells of licorice and a bit of toffee, a little bit of carmel and a touch of grains. You can taste the carbonation which adds to the zing of the beer.

If you’re seeking a smooth dark ale this winter, check┬áS1most0r ale. If you’re wondering why it’s called┬áS1most0r, notice that then 1 and the zero are emphasized, hence from 10 Barrel.