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For this latest series of brew reviews, we’re going to take a trip out to the Oregon Coast.  Located in beautiful Pacific City, Oregon is Pelican Pub and Brewery.  The Brewery is right on the beach and features amazing views combined with succulent food and amazing beers.

Today’s brew to check out is called MacPelican’s Scottish Style Ale.  For those not familiar with Scottish or even some English beers, they typically have a smooth taste, but end with a bit of a twist of malty bittery goodness.

MacPelican’s keeps this tradition alive.  It’s a copper colored ale with a punchy and surprising taste. In the ingredients, Pelican Brewing describes the two malts used including a caramel variety.

The malty overtones are very present at first sip, it’s smooth – and ends with an interesting kick that can be described as rich and a little hoppy.  It’s refreshing and surprising and this ale is definitely not one you will regret trying.

MacPelican’s Scottish Style Ale ranks as my favorite Scottish Export style beer.  This is saying a lot, considering I was in England last June and I tried quite a few Scottish and English beers of this variety.