Author: Jason Harris
September 28, 2009

What is Pintsandsteins.com all about? All my adult life, I have been a beer lover. Not an alcoholic or drunk, but a connoisseur of fine ales, which the Pacific Northwest is known for. Those who know me and my beer tastes call me a “beer snob”.

Since I’m always seeking and talking about great beers and the stories behind them, I thought I’d share them on an ongoing basis here.

On Pints and Steins, you’ll find news and reviews of microbrew beers, primarily from Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. I will also post tips, tricks and news from the beer and spirits industry.

Seeking Brews

As a part of my coverage, I’m seeking new and interesting news items and beers to sample for review. Please get in touch with me, by email at jason@pintsandsteins.com or by calling me at (503) 334-2574.

The Beer Snob Himself

I’m the Beer Snob – Jason Harris. I have been an online writer for a long time – primarily writing at my technology blog – Techcraver.com. As a beer snob and journalist, I seek to share the stories that I am passionate about, and Pints and Steins gives me a great way to profile and share the love about Oregon’s fantastic craft beer industry.