RIP Seven Brides Taphouse

Author: Jason Harris
October 24, 2018

One of this beer fan’s favorite breweries is Seven Brides Brewing in Silverton, Oregon.

Just outside of Salem is the beautiful small town of Silverton. Known for its waterfalls, craft beverages and charming downtown, Silverton is a destination.

In that city are a number of breweries, and among the first was Seven Brides.

Sadly, the Silverton brewery posted this to their Facebook page today:

The Easiest Way to Pack a Bottle of Beer in a Suitcase

Author: Jason Harris
December 23, 2016

Living in the beer capital of the world, I often want to take 22 oz bomber bottles of beer with me when I travel for work. From sharing my favorite CDA or a bottle of Laurelwood’s Workhorse IPA, I love bringing beer to share with others.

But, I’m always worried about beer shattering in my bag. Fortunately, Conde Nast Traveler has a great video that’s aimed at packing wine, but there’s no reason the same method can’t be used when packing beer as well.

So, travel with beer in tow and share. Probst!

Awesome Friday video: Bottle-Cap Blues

Author: Jason Harris
June 1, 2012

I love posting videos on Fridays – they are the perfect way to kick in to weekend gear.

Via boingboing, I found this awesome video called Bottle Cap Blues, a short film that artistically shows all the ways you can open a beer.  So inventive!

This is a short film that I was a part of for Adam Young’s solo Art Show at Common House Gallery entitled: Songs of the Early Riser. Adam had a concept for a video installation. I took his concept and put it into a video. We originally had 4 different edits looping at the show in his installation, but this edit is a compilation of my favorite clips from the three day shoot. This has been the most fun project I have been a part of to date. Sitting around with your friends killing a couple of six packs of beer trying to think of different means to open your next drink is pretty fun. I encourage you to try it.

Adam’s art is amazing. If you have an opportunity to pick up one of his pieces, I suggest you add an original to your collection. He is one of the best dudes ever…

More information/ reviews about the show can be found here:

Buy your friend a beer with Tweet-a-Beer

Author: Jason Harris
March 5, 2012

There are two loves I have in life – craft beer and my friends. Also, since many of my friends also happen to be on Twitter, we arrange to have beers via the social networking service.  Well now, I can not only arrange to meet them for beer, but buy them their favorite pint all with my phone and a Tweet.

Tweet-a-Beer is an online service that connects your Twitter account and your Paypal account in order to make a mobile payment solution for buying your friends, buddies and acquaintances.

The Tweet-a-Beer service uses Chirpify as the conduit between Twitter and Paypal and makes the service easy for you and your buddies. For those unaware, Chirpify is an online service that users can register their Twitter and Paypal accounts to enable them to make payments via tweets. In essence, Chirpify  is a Twiter commerce platform

To use Tweet-a-Beer, you go to the site and say who you want to share a beer with and where you want to do so. The Tweet-a-beer sends $5 from your Paypal account to your buddies’ Paypal account.

Here’s the actual flow, as described by the Tweet-a-Beer website:

Follow the steps to authenticate your Twitter account with Tweet-a-Beer and Chirpify. Then “pre-approve” Chirpify to send PayPal payments on your behalf. After this you can use the app to choose the @recipient (on Twitter), send them a beer ($5), and add a reason, meeting place, or requests for the juke box. Once submitted, the recipient will receive a tweet mention from you with a link leading them to details on how to claim the beer money.

This awesome web service was brewed up tenfour and Waggener Edstrom, both Portland companies, which are an amazing creative agency and amazing PR agency, respectively.

Using the web app

One facet to Tweet-a-Beer that I really enjoy is that the service is a really amazing mobile web experience. Rather than releasing an iPhone or Android application, tenfour decided conduct the functionality in a mobile web app experience. As I use Windows Phone, Meego and a mix of Mobile OSs, I’m glad I can Tweet-a-Beer no matter what device I’m using.

Kudos to the Tweet-a-Beer team for going mobile web!

How To Request A Beer in 50 Languages

Author: Jason Harris
November 21, 2010

Many of us travel.  Many of us go to other places where English is not the primary language.

So, what happens if you find yourself in a foreign country and you need to order another beer?  Well, you say, “what would Jason suggest”?

Follow this link, and see how to order another beer in 50 languages.  This is lifesaving advice, and you know it.

For example, if you’re in Finland, say, “Vielä yksi olut, kiitos”.  If you’re in Germany, you must say, “Noch ein Bier, bitte”.

You read it here first.

[Photo credit: Fieno]