RIP Seven Brides Taphouse

Author: Jason Harris
October 24, 2018

One of this beer fan’s favorite breweries is Seven Brides Brewing in Silverton, Oregon.

Just outside of Salem is the beautiful small town of Silverton. Known for its waterfalls, craft beverages and charming downtown, Silverton is a destination.

In that city are a number of breweries, and among the first was Seven Brides.

Sadly, the Silverton brewery posted this to their Facebook page today:

Review: Seven Brides’ Emily’s Ember

Author: Jason Harris
May 23, 2010

For today’s brew from Seven Brides is Emily’s Ember.  Upon pouring this beer, it’s apparent this amber ale is rich in color.  I would almost call this beer a brown ale because of its deep color.

Through some serious malt action, Emily’s Ember has a very nutty taste that quickly exits your palette as the swig ends.  The caramel comes and goes quickly and you are left with a slightly malty after-taste.

I cannot compare the this amber ale to any other beer I’ve had.  There’s a nut brown ale that is very similar to me that I think is from Newcastle.

Honestly speaking, Emily’s Ember is a forgettable beer because is has no discernible qualities that make me remember it.  It comes and goes without giving me any memorable facets to get me to talk about it to those who ask.

If you’re into Newcastle, give Emily’s Ember a try.  Otherwise, this is likely one to skip.