Britain Considers Banning Glass Pint Glasses

Author: Jason Harris
October 9, 2009

News out of jolly ol’ England: the British government is considering banning pint glasses made out of glass. Why, might you ask? To cut down on the number of folks injured in bar fights where glass is involved!

The British Home Office has designed a new glass that is made up of shatter-proof plastic that will make your bar fights much more safe, according to the BBC. According to officials, 5,500 people are attacked in bars and pubs every year in Whales and England.

Pubs and bar owners associated with the British Beer and Pub Association are opposed to the new design and are hoping officials don’t make the new design mandatory in British drinking establishments. I would agree, as the traditional pint glass feels good in the hand and is a perfect vessel for your favorite ale, pilsner or other brew.

Plus, bar owners would have to pay for new glasses at a time where the economy is causing enough hardship already.

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