Craft Beer Continuing to Sell Well, Despite Economy

Author: Jason Harris
March 10, 2010

Deschutes BrewAccording to a recent story on OPB, craft beer, especially locally made beer,  is continuing to sell well.  Even though we’ve had 2 years of economic downfall, why would micro-brew beer sell well?

My thought: it’s because folks are valuing the types of food and drink they consume.  In my social circle, my friends are forgoing going out to drink and are opting to buy their drinks and socialize in their own home.

Perhaps folks are turning to micro-brew beer as a tradeoff to consuming their spirits whilst out and about.

What’s interesting is that nationwide, beer sales are down with craft brewing sales looking up!

So, apparently it’s a good time to be local craft brewer in the state of Oregon!  Cheers.

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