Review: Pale Horse Mystic Wolf Amber Ale

Author: Jason Harris
July 28, 2010

I have covered Pale Horse Brewery before, including a full brewery tour and interview, so I’m a bit of a fan of the brewery and the team behind it.  The Pale Horse guys have a brand new beer out called Mystic Wolf Amber. Let’s dig in and see how this new beer rates.

As a fan of Amber ales, I will rate Mystic Wolf against other offering from Widmer, Full Sail and other smaller breweries.

First of all, in appearance, Mystic Wolf is very copper-like in color.  Some ambers look more like a pale ale, but not with this brew, it’s a deep reddish color that sets your expectation for a strong taste.  It’s smell is very plain – with no hoppy hints or strong aromas.

At first sip, the beer has a slight bitterness to it that is followed by a malty second wave that leaves you satisfied and wanting another hit.  This is a very well balanced beer that has a medium-powered initial taste with a very smooth and satifying aftertaste.

All in all, Mystic Wolf is an amazing contender in the world of amber ales.  I highly suggest it, and this is coming from a beer enthusiast that tastes a lot of beers in this category.


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