Review: Pelican Brewing Doryman’s Dark Ale

Author: Jason Harris
November 16, 2010

I’m becoming a huge fan of Pelican Brewing’s ales.  This amazing brewery is located on the Oregon Coast in Pacific City, Oregon – right on the beach in fact.  So far, I’ve reviewed Pelican’s IPA as well as a yummy Scottish Ale.

For today’s review, I’ll be checking out Pelican’s Dark Ale.

Doryman’s Dark Ale is one of the head brewer’s first brews ever made.  He started brewing this ale way back in the day and according to the website, Dark Ale is amongst Pelican’s favorite beers.

When I hear Dark Ale, I think more malts and perhaps a bit of a nut brown taste – kind of like a traditional British Ale. Doryman’s Dark Ale is exactly like this.

This Dark Ale has an expected dark brown flavor.  At first sip you can sense the roast malt.  It isn’t very hoppy but you do get a sense of the aroma as your drink continues.  Doryman’s Dark Ale has a smooth finish with no noticeable aftertaste.  It’s a great Fall beer for those wanting a bit more flavor than a Pale Ale, but aren’t ready to go all dark with a stout or porter.

Doryman’s Dark Ale is recommended by this beer lover – check it out at your local store.

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