Review: Three Creeks Knotty Blonde Ale

Author: Jason Harris
May 27, 2012

Summer is almost upon us which means summer beers, such as hefeweizens, pale ales and blonde ales are on Oregonians palettes. These light ales are refreshing and crisp – and give a nice clean taste on warmer spring and summer days.

Knotty Blonde AleToday’s brew I’m trying is from Sisters, Oregon, a small Central Oregon town that is just outside of Bend, Oregon and is a bonafide member of the strong Oregon brewing community member. Three Creeks Brewing is relatively new, but they make some amazing beers.

Let’s look at Knotty Blonde Ale is a beer that pours a sunshine-yellow color. You can easily see through this beer and it has a decent head that is white and thick. To the nose, this brew has a hoppy scent that makes you excited to taste this beer.

Upon first taste, Knotty Blonde lives up to it’s color in being refreshing and crisp. You can sense the light fruity taste, but it’s backed up with enough hops to give it a moderately impactful taste. It doesn’t punch you in the face, but rather, gives you a light slap followed by a refreshing high-carbonation finish.

Traditionally, I pass on blonde ales because I like a more flavorful beer such as a strong pale or IPA, but Knotty Blonde Ale is definintely on my list of must-have summer beers. It’s crisp, hoppy and refreshing.

Knotty Blonde Ale is 4.0 ABV with an IBU rating of 18.

This beer would appeal to any ale drinker – or those making the switch from macro-beers.  Give it a try!

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