Review: Gilgamesh DJ Jazzy Hef

Author: Jason Harris
June 14, 2012

Gilgamesh Brewing

The summer is upon us and the lighter beers are out now. For me, a nice unfiltered wheat beer is a perfect summer beer because it’s flavorful, smooth and crisp.

Gilgamesh Brewing is a local brewery here in Salem, Oregon and has been making waves in the past few months. With a very nice lounge in downtown Salem, Gilgamesh is prominent in the local beer scene.

Today’s beer review is DJ Jazzy Hef – a light colored ale that pours a cloudy wheat color. According to the Gilgamesh, this hefeweizen ale is brewed with organic ingredients and a heaping does of jasmine tea.

The smell of jasmine is pretty noticeable with DJ Jazzy Hef, and this is a good thing. This hefeweizen just glides down your throat as you take your first drink. At first the sip tastes a little empty, but then the aftertaste kicks in and it’s really rewarding.

This is a flavorful beer that leaves your mouth tingling and wanting more. DJ Jazzy Hef is the perfect summer beer for hot days that demand a flavorful but rewarding brew.

This ale has an IBU of 9 and an ABV of 5.4%.

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