Review: Everybody’s Brewing Hoedown Brown

Author: Jason Harris
September 30, 2012

Hoedown Brown

Do you like brown ales?  Typically, I do. I enjoy them because they’re very drinkable and go down really smooth. Brown ales typically very easy to drink as the flow down your mouth with a light nutty taste and almost zero bitterness. My favorite brown ale by far is Hard Bop Brown from Upright Brewing (review) – which was astounding.

Today I’m trying an ale from a new brewery (to me) – Everybody’s Brewing in White Salmon, Washington. Everybody’s Brewing is a small-town brewery, but judging by their outstanding website, they don’t let anything hold them back.  The have a huge selection and it looks like they’re popular.

So how does Hoedown Brown rate?

In a word, boring. Hoedown Brown comes in a 40 IBUs and is 5.2% ABV. The website describes the brew as “light brown in color, nutty sweetness and a clean aftertaste”.

I guess the description is adequate. This is a smooth beer that is very light – it rolls down your tongue and indeed has a slight sweet, nutty flavor with no aftertaste.  To me, this is a beer that needs so much more. It needs a bit of complexity and something to add interest.

What do you think – have you had this brew?  Please disagree with me as I want to discuss this beer.  But for me, this beer is boring.

For those wondering where Everybody’s Brewing is – see the map below.

[nokia-maps template=”” sizes=”{‘width’: ‘auto’,’height’: ‘370’}” href=”;context=Zmxvdy1pZD02MjMxN2E3ZS0yNzU1LTRjMDEtYWQ5YS1lZDY2NmVhOThiMjVfMTM0ODg5NTkyMzYxMF8wXzk1OTkmcmFuaz0w” zoomLevel=”16″ tileType=”map” ]

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