Review: 2012 Deschutes Brewing Hop Trip Pale Ale [FRESH HOP]

Author: Jason Harris
November 9, 2012

In this edition of fresh hop ale news, let’s take a look at the king of fresh hop pale ales – Fresh Hop Pale Ale from Deschutes Brewing.

For those unaware, Hop Trip ale is brewed in Bend, Oregon – after the crew comes to Salem, Oregon and handpicks the choice hops they want.  Then, the hops are trucked in a Uhaul back to Bend and boiled immediately.  The result is a succulent pale ale with a mild taste and bold fresh hop taste- sans the bitterness of a traditionally ‘hoppy’ ale.

I enjoyed Hop Trip in the best way possible – directly from the keg.

Upon your first pour, you’ll see how clear the pale ale is, with hardly any lacing on the glass. Your nose immediately picks up on the citrusy, floral hops. When you sip the beer you notice a sweet almost fruity-flavor that are complimented by pale malts.  This beer isn’t overly-carbonated and it’s very easy-drinking.

Honestly, after Chasin’ Freshies, I was hoping for more of a punchy hop taste. However, Hop Trip is a nicer, lighter version that will likely have  a broad appeal.  For example, my wife, who doesn’t like very bitter beers, thought Hop Trip was just right.

What are your thoughts on Hop Trip this year?  It’s available from now until December, according to Deschutes Brewery.

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