10Barrel Small Tank Project: Rye’m or Treason

Author: Jason Harris
January 23, 2013
Rye'm or Treason

Rye’m or Treason

There’s a very special project at 10Barrel Brewing in Bend, Oregon called the Small Tank Project. These very small batch beers are typically done on a special basis, probably like an R&D project, I’d imagine.

While at Newport Market in Bend recently, I came across a beer called Rye’m or Treason, the latest product to come out of the Small Tank Product. This Imperial Red Ale is the brainchild of a fellow by the name Bobby Jackson – production brewer at 10Barrel and in charge of the barrel program.

According to Jackson, Rye’m or Treason is a play off of Super Fly Rye that they ‘imperialized’ (I’m not sure what that means – if you do, please leave a comment below!). The beer is aged in whiskey barrels from a distiller in Park City, Utah.

Each bottle of Rye’m or Treason comes hand-dipped in wax, so the minute you go to pop the top on this brew, you’e in for a treat.  This rare ale comes in at around 60 IBUs and is about 11% ABV.

Rye’m or Treason pours a special copper red color and has a creamy beige head.  To your nose, you can smell the fresh oak and hints of vanilla.

Unlike any beer I’ve ever had – it’s big, bold and very, very interesting.  Being aged in rye whiskey barrels, it’s very flavorful but not overwhelming. I can taste a lot of different hints of earthy hops, whisky, fruit and an amazing barley-focused finish.

I must say, this is the best beer I’ve ever experienced.  It’s flavorful and leaves you feeling like you’ve just gone on a journey guided by an experienced ale artisan.

Go find this beer today!

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