Bend Brewing Company Expanding in Downtown Bend

Author: Jason Harris
July 25, 2016

As a frequent visitor to Bend, Oregon, I’ve been a long-time frequenter of Bend Brewing Company. I’ve always enjoyed the restaurant’s amazing food and family-friendly-ness and of course, their beers have always been amongst Central Oregon’s best.

Late in 2015, BBC announced a changed in ownership that made fans hope for new developments to ensure BBC’s future at the forefront of the brewing community here. As Bend’s 2nd oldest brewery (just behind Deschutes), BBC is an important fixture downtown. They have a very limited upstairs brewing production floor that limits their growth as craft beer has exploded in the last 10 years.

It didn’t take long for new owners Patrick and Leslie Deenihan to get to work. In the spring of 2016, construction began on a street-front bar/serving area renovation. The new space, pictured below, features 4 taps, new seating areas, and an opening door that invites you in for a pint and a meal.

Image courtesy: BBC Facebook page

Image courtesy: BBC Facebook page

On Friday, BBC announced that the new owners purchased the vacant land just south of the brewery. This exciting news means that BBC will expand southward, creating more jobs for downtown Bend and expanding one of this beer fan’s favorite eateries.

In the Bend Bulletin article regarding the bold move, Patrick Deenihan said the current plans involve a large outdoor patio that’s “uniquely Bend”. Considering the property has a riverfront view, facing Mirror Pond, this is a fantastic move.

Also, in the article, the co-owners noted that they’re on the hunt somewhere in Bend for space to expand their brewing capacity. This would take brewing (at least, in part) outside of their current upstairs spot and move it, aptly, to a more suitable location. As downtown Bend real estate is pricey and limited, moving production to a different location only makes sense.

Kudos to Patrick and Leslie for the bold move, we’re excited to see where the next year takes Bend Brewing Company!

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