Review Laurelwood Brewing Free Range Red Ale

Author: Jason Harris
September 19, 2010

We’re beginning a new series this week, featuring a fantastic smaller brewery in Portland called Laurelwood Brewing, in NE Portland.

Laurelwood is a Pub on NE Sandy Blvd and is a hotspot for any Portland based beer lover.

We who our outside of the Portland area are lucky that Laurelwood also bottles a few select beers, including today’s highlighted beer, Laurelwood Free Range Red Ale.

Free Range Red Ale is a very colorful ale what has a really well ballanced hoppy beer.  I think Free Range Red is Laurelwood’s ‘signature’ brew and it is a good beer to carry that honor.  When you see Free Range Red, it’s rich copper-coloring stands out.  According to their website, this beer is made from organically grown malts.

At first sip, Free Range Red has a medium body and is very drinkable.  It has a nice hoppy start and a smooth malty finish, making this a perfect all-around beer to have around for any occasion.  At 5.9% and 60 IBUs, this brew will make anyone who likes a good beer happy.

The beer is so good, it won the Gold Medal at the 2004 World Beer Cup, which is a very high honor for any brewer.

My feeling on Free Range Red: I would recommend this beer to anyone who likes an Amber, Pale Ale, Bitter or anything in between.  It is so versitile and refreshing, yet flavorful authentic.

Free Range Red is a perfect way to start out my series on Laurelwood.

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