Review: Ninkasi Total Domination IPA

Author: Jason Harris
September 17, 2010

The series on Ninkasi beers is coming to an end today with this review of this hop happy India Pale Ale from the Eugene, Oregon brewery.  After reviewing Radiant Ale and an excellent Red Ale, I was ready to move on to a bitter hoppy IPA to round out this Ninkasi series.

So, how to describe Total Domination IPA?  This is a very light colored ale that is heavy in flavor.  There are multiple blends of hops that make this a very flavorful brew.  Total Domination has only has an IBU rating of 65 and an alcohol percentage of 6.7%.

Even though the IBU rating is only 65, I almost think this is an error, based on how hoppy and bitter this beer is.  It’s very flavorful and will make serious IPA lovers happy.

Total Domination won’t leave you puckered up with absolute bitterness, but it’s a strong brew that will leave you wanting more.  I would put Total Domination in my top 5 of IPAs (right up there with Broken Halo from Widmer).

Check it out – I hope you enjoy it!

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