Review: Ninkasi Radiant Ale

Author: Jason Harris
September 6, 2010

The series on Ninkasi beers continues today with a refreshing summer beer for you all to check out.  Oregon summer days can be hot and sunny, and nothing goes better with summer sunshine than a light refreshing ale.  Well, you can add a good burger to the mix to make the combination complete.

Ninkasi’s Radiant Ale is a clearer ale that goes tastes exactly as it is described.  Radiant Ale  has a very low bitterness rating at 40 IBUs.  This light ale is said to have a unique hop character that is balanced by a light malty finish.

As I said, this beer tastes exactly as described.  It’s a light tasting beer, even lighter than a pale ale, such as Deschutes Brewing’s Mirror Pond Pale Ale, but not as lhtig as a blonde ale.  Radiant Ale has a slight hoppy initial taste that is followed immediately by a smooth malt-influenced finish.

Honestly speaking, Radiant Ale is a good summer beer, but it’s a bit forgettable.  If I were in a pub, I would definintely order this brew, but it’s not a summer favorite that I would go back to time after time.

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