Editor’s note: This is the fourteenth in the Beer Advent Calendar 2015 series. Likewise, I’m going to be posting a beer review each day. Some will be Christmas or Winter ales and other selections will be beers I’ve been wanting to review for some time.

For today’s beer review, let’s travel to Bend, Oregon and check out Obsidian Stout from Deschutes Brewing. I’m a huge fan of dark beers, which is why I love this time of year where they’re back ‘in style’. I use quotes because in my opinion, dark ales are always in style.

Obsidian Stout

Obsidian Stout is available year round from Deschutes and comes in at 6.3% ABV and a pretty hefty 55 IBUs.

How does it taste?

This beer pours as black as night, as a stout should. Obsidian gives off a smell of roasted malt, dark roasted coffee and a bit of molasses. It’s a treat to the nose.

When you sip it, you sense a slight sweet start and then the roasted toffee taste comes out followed by an caramel aftertaste.

This beer looks thick, feeling and maybe puts some people off. But don’t let this stout deter you – it’s super drinkable and ultimately satisfying. This beer pulls off being flavorful and robust, but incredibly smooth and soothing at the same time.

Should I buy it?

Yes. Get the 6-pack. You won’t be sorry, so long as you like dark beer.


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